Audi 8Y RS3 Pandora Mini BT V3 Fitted Basildon

19 April 2023  |  Admin

The new Audi RS3 8Y chassis looks stunning and as such thieves are on the hunt for these types of vehicles. Due to them being keyless they take seconds to steal. The Pandora Mini BT V3 gives your Audi the protection it needs such as the anti clone and anti scan ADR tag which means the Pandora will remain in an armed and immobilised state unless a tag is within range. This tag can't be range extended like the original vehicle remote meaning you have maximum securiry at all times.

The Pandora tag also goes to sleep when no movement is detected meaning unless the tag senses movement it turns off saving battery life. The Mini BT features a huge amount of sensors such as dual zone shock, tilt and motion meaning it comes with a huge amount of sensors as standard. Due to the Pandora being very sleek on this vehicle you wouldn't even know an alarm & immobiliser has been fitted, we hide the override LED on the left side of the mirror housing meaning the dash / interior remains in an unchanged state ( which many customers love ).

The Pandora also features the Pandora BT app which means you can connect with the vehicle providing your within Bluetooth range, this means you can change settings such as the shock and tilt sensor adjustments meaning you can make your alarm suit the enviroment. The Pandora BT app can also work as a tag if needed ( for example if the battery goes flat inside the Pandora ADR tag ).

If you require a Pandora alarm and immobiliser installation within Essex give us a call on 07525 068291 to arrange an installation.

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