Are Factory Alarms Superior Over Aftermarket

10 January 2017  |  Admin

You can spend hours reading online. And there will be many different views on vehicle security and because a manufacture has spent major amounts of money it must be the best thing in the world? Wrong! There are mainly two types of customers that fit into this debate...

  • The customer that has never had there vehicle attacked / thinking there security is good enough and every other product made to protect your vehicle is a waste of money.
  • The customer that thought his security was good enough but they have had there tools or the vehicle stolen.

It is very rare, I would say 5 out of every 100 people get security put onto there vehicle before they have become a victim of vehicle crime. You will get many people say the original security is the best? This is rubbish. Factory security is good against a teenager looking for an afternoon joy ride. Not against professional car thieves. A huge amount of vehicles are broken into with no visible damage and they are taken in seconds.

Why is factory security so poor? The concept or product isn't that bad. It's the fact every vehicle leaving the production line has the same security system and once a thief knows how to get round one vehicle this is shared in the masses and before you know it vehicles are getting broken into with no trace or noise.

Around 90% of vehicles can have there factory alarm shut down and no noise will be heard when its under attack. What makes aftermarket security more effective in stopping vehicle crime? The solutions are more unique and offer better immobilisation and the alarm side has better interior sensitivity to give you awesome vehicle protection.

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