VW Golf R Blackvue 4K Dash Cam Fitting

18 July 2019  |  Admin

This Golf R customer wanted the best possible recording while driving and when leaving his vehicle. The Blackvue cameras with power magic installed has both bases covered due to it offering recording at all times no matter if your driving or when your parked up. The power magic also allows you to adjust when you want the camera to turn off in parking mode to avoid it draining your vehicles battery over time. The Blackvue offering 4K recording means your recordings are very clear meaning you have the best chance of an insurance claim working in your favor.

The Blackvue camera also had the security plate installed which means it can't be unplugged by anyone such as a car dealer, someone that's using the vehicle. This stops tampering of the SD card also giving complete piece of mind when leaving your vehicle. The Blackvue can cause issues with DAB on some vehicles so we installed a large amount of ground loops. 1 was installed on the power cable and 3 were installed on the camera cable front to rear.

Blackvue 4K also offers you the chance to add a hotspot in your vehicle. This could be a small dongle or on some new Range Rovers they have a hotspot built in. Once you have the dashcam connected to this hotspot it means you can view your dash cams live from anywhere in the world.

These Blackvue cameras were professionally installed into a Golf R but they can be fitted to almost any vehicle in the UK. Call Dave on 07525 068291 to discuss your dashcam requirements.

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