Ford Focus ST Autowatch Ghost Tassa Approved Fitted Dagenham Essex

29 May 2020  |  Admin

If you own a Ford ST you will more than likely be aware these vehicles get stolen all the time. As such this owner was lucky enough to find his vehicle / get it back since it was stolen. The customer wasn't taking any chances and wanted an immobiliser which was undetectable and hidden. The Ghost 2 Tassa approved is perfect to protect this vehicle due to it using the original vehicle dashboard lights as notification you have entered the correct code.

Being Tassa approved this system also comes with the QR Fingerprint which means if parts of the vehicle are stolen or the vehicle is hijacked then cloned on different number plates the QR codes can be scanned and the original vehicle owners can be found / contacted. The Ghost works by stopping the vehicle being started at all meaning even if a new key is cloned or your original key is scanned the vehicle will remain immobilised at all times.

The Ghost has been known as an effective form of security on all Focus models since release in late 2016. So far no Focus MK3's have been stolen since the Ghost has been fitted giving the owner complete piece of mind when choosing the Ghost. Being Tassa approved means only certain engineers will fit this device from now on, and major insurance companies are starting to request a Ghost 2 Tassa Approved is installed BEFORE they will insure the vehicle.

We are the original Autowatch Ghost 2 Tassa approved installers in the Essex area. Call 07525 068291 to get your vehicle booked in.

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